Rules Summary

The game is played in real time, and begins at the start of the soundtrack. On your turn, you can take a total of 4 actions. Your options:

  • Move: If  no zombies are in your area, you can move. It takes one action to enter a building, leave a building, or move to the next tile.
  • Search: When you are in a building with no zombies, use one action to Search for new weapons or equipment. A quick search lets you draw the 3 top cards of the Search deck, but that puts you at risk of stumbling on zombies. Alternatively, you can do a careful search, by looking through the cards in the discard pile until you choose one to keep.
  • Pick Up: Revealing and taking a scenario token from the board also takes an action.
  • Fight: You can fight zombies in your area by decreasing the ammo (or durability for non-firearms) of a weapon. Remove as many zombie figures from the board as the damage value of the weapon. If you use a noisy weapon, one of those removed zombies joins the Horde. You can fight multiple times, but each time takes an action.
  • Use: Whether or not any zombies lurk nearby, you can use one action to use an item.

After spending your 4 actions, you must be able to fend off zombies in your area with a weapon. If the Fend Off value of your weapon is lower than the number of zombies in your area, you lose a Life Point.

Every 60 seconds, you’ll hear a zombie growl on the soundtrack. When you do, draw the top card on the Zombie pile to find how many zombies you must add to the board on the street section of the active player’s tile. If you draw a Horde card, add all zombies from the Horde box!

Each scenario features different objectives: running through the city, pursuing a target, holding a fortified place, searching for useful resources, and more. If you complete the objectives before the soundtrack is over, all players win the game.

If you fail, or if all heroes are unconscious, you all lose. But when your life is on the line, losing is not a viable option…