Game Contents

Survival Guide

A 12-page rulebook with everything you need to know to play the game: detailed list of contents, examples, special items description, and a game turn summary on the back.
Download the rulebook.



Death on Your Heels

A 15-scenario campaign with various objectives and progressive difficulty.
Download the campaign booklet.



32 double-sided Terrain tiles

Use these to create the city.



hero_contents8 Hero figures & their Hero sheets

A band of teenagers, compelled to team up and cooperate to survive. Each has her own strength and weakness, as shown on her double-sided character sheet (the other side has a player aid to help you in your first plays).
Find out more about the heroes.


99 zombie figures + 1 Alpha zombie

Three different sculpts of zombies represent all the adults who turned, and their gigantic Alpha leader…
Find out more about the the Zombie.



1 CDcd

Three soundtracks are available: one for the introductory scenario, one for playing in normal mode, and a third with increased difficulty once you get cocky.
Listen or download the soundtrack.



1 Horde boxhorde-box

This teaches you why using a loud weapon is a bad idea when zombies are roaming around…


56 Search cards

Those are everything you can find while searching a building. Weapons, equipment… and zombies!



48 Zombie cards

Zombies keep coming at you, out of the shadows. Most of the time, they are alone or in small groups. But beware—the Horde is never far away!



equipmt-cards18 Special Item cards

Sometimes you’ll blindly grab items as you run from the Horde. It’s only once you can stop and catch you breath (between scenarios) that you’ll take a look and find out what your loot is…


33 Scenario cards

These are your starting weapons and everything you need for special scenarios (be it hockey sticks, gas cans or machine guns!).


25 Ammo/Durability tokens
& 15 Life Point tokens

These help you keep track of your Hero’s health and equipment condition. And you’ll need all the help you can get.


40 Search tokens and other various tokens

These mark the location of random or mission items on the board.