Solo scenarios and surprises

“Left Alone”: the solo campaign

In an instant, everyone around them transformed into zombies. The eight young heroes of Zombie 15’ were alone, isolated. Each had to survive separately, before their paths crossed.

Campagne solo Zombie 15'_EN

Left Alone”, the solo campaign for Zombie 15′, allows you to live through the beginning of the zombie epidemic from the point of view of each of the eight heroes… solo! Play as each hero, one after the other, through an epic campaign of 15 scenarios with progressive difficulty all the way to the Dantesque finale.
This campaign, exclusively designed to be played alone, offers a high-level challenge to Zombie 15’ aficionados that will make them break habits and rethink strategy for an original, intense gaming experience!
Though the final product will be available in stores in October 2015, here is a sneak peek of the first scenario of the campaign!

Zombies fill your screen…

Starting today, you can find a collection of wallpapers featuring artwork from the game on the Extra page.
There’s one for each of the 8 heroes, as well as for the illustration of the game cover!

Know your Heroes!

And while you’re on the Extra page, you can also download the Hero Cards! These 8 cards will surely prove handy when picking a Hero, or to help everyone getting into their character! If you didn’t back the game as a Kickstater project, just print them, cut them out, fold them and sleeve them!