The game setup takes a lot of time; how can we make it go faster?
You can find the designers’ advice on this site as well as some tricks (coming soon) to speed up finding the correct tiles and placing them. Just like in the game, the key to success rests in teamwork. With good organization and cooperation, you can set up each new scenario in less than 5 minutes.
Note: it’s not necessary to place each tile in exactly the same place it appears on the plan in the campaign book; the important thing is that the overall configuration of the streets and distribution of Search Zones stay the same.


Can I move between two tiles by taking other paths than the street, for example by going through adjacent buildings or little parking lots (like those on tiles 5B and 15B in Scenario 3)?
NO. Heroes can only move between tiles by following the main street.
Note: Streets that allow you to enter or leave a tile are highlighted by a double yellow line in the center.

Do I have to spend an extra action to unlock a padlock?
NO. As soon as the player with the correct key moves on top of the padlock, the padlock is removed (this movement still costs a normal action). (see Survival Guide, p. 6)


Is it possible to search the same location multiple times in the same turn?
YES. There is no limit to the number of possible searches in a Search Zone (as long as there are no zombies).
Note: Avoid searching futilely. Not only does this waste precious time and possibly adds new zombies, but as soon as the Search deck is empty, the Quick Search action is no longer available for the rest of the scenario (same goes for the discard and Careful Search)!

How many cards can I keep after each Search?
You can keep as many cards as you like after a Quick Seach, but only one after a Careful Search (see Survival Guide, p. 6).

Can I take back a weapon that has just been replaced by doing a Careful Search?
NO. Replaced weapons are not added to the discard, but are removed from play. It is not possible to recover them until the next scenario (see Survival Guide, p. 6)
Note: To avoid this mistake, you can place the card that you find directly on top of the card you are replacing, remembering to move the Ammo/Durability token.

Can I carry a Light Weapon and a Bulky Weapon?
YES. The number of hands (also symbolized by the color of the card) indicates the number of hands necessary to use the weapon. It’s never possible to carry 2 Bulky Weapons at the same time (see Survival Guide, p. 4).
Note: You can rely on the colors (yellow and green, or just green) of the Weapon slots of your Hero Sheet. If it’s yellow and green, you can change weapons to keep a second green weapon instead of replacing it with a yellow weapon.


Can I use a First Aid Kit on an unconscious Hero?
NO. Only a Defibrillator can increase HP that has fallen below 0 (see Survival Guide, p. 8)

Can I use an Ammo card on someone else’s weapon, if they’re in the same zone as me?
NO. Ammo can only be used by the player who owns the weapon.

Does the skateboard allow Will to move more than two tiles, contrary to what his Hero Sheet says?
NO. The skateboard adds an extra movement action, but doesn’t cancel Will’s penalty.

When I use a First Aid Kit with Josh and divide the 2 healed HP between 2 Heroes, do these heroes have to be in the same zone as Josh?
YES! Josh’s power doesn’t change the normal use conditions of the First Aid Kit. The Kit just doubles its effect.

Can I play the Cat card when we hear a growl?
NO. The Cat must be played (for an action) before a growl is heard to cancel it. The growl will be ignored even if it’s not heard on your turn.

Can I play the Lucky Charm card when we reveal a Zombie card during a Quick Search?
NO. The Lucky Charm must be played (as an action) before searching. If no Zombie card is drawn during this search, the effect of the Lucky Charm is lost (and doesn’t apply to the following Search, even if it’s done on the same turn).

How many actions are necessary to use Explosive Ammo?
2 actions: one to use the Ammo, and a second to attack with the weapon.

Can I use Explosive Ammo with a useless weapon?
NO. The weapon must still have at least one use left to be used with Explosive Ammo.


Can I give objects that I draw to other players?
NO. You can never exchange cards (weapons, equipment, etc.). Once you add a card to your inventory, the other players cannot use it until the next game (except for heavy objects which can be dropped).
The only way another player can recover a card that you’ve drawn during a Search is if you discard it and make it available for a Careful Search.

Can I give a Search token from my inventory to another player who’s in the same zone as me?
NO. The only time you can give Search tokens to another player is between scenarios (in campaign mode) or when you are unconscious (see Survival Guide, p. 8).

Can I use an action to drop a Search token from my inventory on a tile and then allow another player to pick it up later?
NO. Taking a Search token from your Hero sheet is not allowed except for when you pick one up and have no more space in your inventory.


Can I add the Damage of 2 Light Weapons equipped simultaneously?
NO. Each attack can only be performed with one weapon of your choice. Never add the Damage (or Fend off) values of multiple weapons. You can always spend multiple actions in a turn to attack more than once (with the same or different weapons).

Am I obligated to fight bare-handed if I end up on a space with zombies but I have no more Ammo?
NO. You are never required to fight. You can always pass your turn without taking any actions and even spend several turns in the same spot without doing anything but fending off zombies.
Note: Zombie 15’ is a cooperative game; players should not hesitate to backtrack or make a detour to resuscitate a teammate in trouble.

Can I use Fire Weapons to fight zombies in a zone or tile adjacent to my Hero?
NO! No weapons, no matter which ones they are, allow you to fight in a zone other than the one you’re in. Certain equipment (like Dynamite or Fireworks) always allows you to remove zombies from an adjacent tile (see Survival Guide, p. 8).


A growl is heard during the turn of a player in a Search zone. Do the Heroes in the street of the same tile have to immediately defend themselves against the zombies that have just appeared?
NO. A Hero is only attacked by zombies at the end of his turn! You can always help the active player defend if you are in the same zone (see Survival Guide, p. 8).

Do I lose multiple HP if the number of zombies in my zone is a lot greater than my Defense?
NO. An attacked character only loses 1 HP if unable to defend himself, no matter how many zombies he can’t fend off (see Survival Guide, p. 8).

Do I have to fend off all the zombies on my tile, or just those in my zone?
Only the zombies in your zone attack you. You never add up the number of zombies in different zones. If you’re alone in a Search zone and an immense Horde is added to your tile in the street, you’re safe (as long as you don’t move…).



The campaign booklet says that the Search deck for Scenario 2 must contain 50 cards, but I only count 49. Is this normal?
This is a typo. The Search deck for Scenario 2 should contain 49 cards, not 50.

What do I do if I draw a Horde card before anyone uses a firearm during Scenario 2 (since the campaign booklet says that the Horde box is empty at the beginning of the scenario)?
If this happens, no new zombies are added to the board. 3 zombies must be added to the empty Horde box anyway, following the normal rules.


The plan indicates the same tile multiple times, on different faces! What do we do?
Indeed, this plan has errors in the first edition of the game. Replace tiles 11B, 14B, and 24A on the plan with tiles 12B, 13B, and 25A respectively. The correct distribution is visible in the campaign booklet available to download on this site.
Note: No matter which scenario you’re playing, it’s never necessary to place each tile in the exact spot that it appears in the plan (this can even greatly speed up set up); the important thing is that the overall configuration of streets and the distribution of Search zones stay the same.


What happens if we succeed in carrying 3 Gas Cans and end up together on the Car tile before the end of the track? Do we win immediately?
NO. You only win if you survive the entire length of the track. If this is possible, we strongly suggest that you salvage more than the 3 Gas Cans necessary to win the scenario (they will be useful in the future).

Do we win even if one or more zombies remain on the Car tile?
NO. Just like with the Observatory in Scenario 9, the zone with the Car must contain zero zombies to meet the win conditions. This information was omitted from the campaign booklet of the first edition of the game; you can download the corrected version from the Download section of the site.


During combat with the Alpha Zombie, once a player enters in the Alpha Zombie zone and makes the first attack against him, can the other players fight from where they are?
NO! Each player must first enter the zone in question to be able to attack the Alpha Zombie.

During combat with the Alpha Zombie, is each player “crushed” at the end of his turn if he didn’t bring down the Alpha?
NO. All players are eliminated (or victorious) at the same time, after the final player carries out his attack.


The rules say that the special equipments are unique. Are they removed from play once they’ve been used?
NO. You cannot have multiple instances in the game of the same special equipment, but you can take back an object you used in a previous Scenario.

Can I combine multiple Backpack tokens to collect more “expensive” objects?
NO. It’s impossible to combine or split the category value (1-2-3) of Backpacks to exchange for one or more objects of different categories.
Note: These tokens don’t function as money, but rather as packs that the players don’t have time to open until they’re in safety and can check the contents.

Which object can I collect with a Backpack token?
You can exchange one token with an available object of your choice of a strictly identical value.
Variant: When a player wants to exchange a Backpack, randomly draw an equipment card of the same value as the exchanged token. This allows you to discover equipment abandoned until this moment.

Do we really have to wait until Scenario 12 to play with the Zombie card Events?
NO. You can introduce the events as soon as Scenario 6 to ramp up game difficulty. We advise you to play the whole campaign at least one time before making the game even more difficult.
Note: If you finished the campaign successfully, you can continue to play Scenarios 16–20 (available from the Download section of the site). The events and the level of difficulty of these new scenarios are in the continuity of the official campaign; the material specific to these scenarios, such as the heavy Machine Guns, is already included in your gamebox!
You can also replay Scenarios 6–10 using Track 3 of the CD, with a growl every 40 seconds (except for Scenario 9, which can only be played with Track 2)!
Finally, we suggest you play with the Random Backpack variant (see previous question).