Checking In with New Articles, Tips, and More!

Since the release of Zombie 15’, we have tried to be as attentive as possible to the questions you’ve asked us by email, on Facebook, or through other social media forums. Whether you asked about clarifying rules or specific situations, you can find more than 30 answers to questions about setup, combat, object use, the campaign, and more in the new FAQ. Don’t hesitate to keep sending us questions; we’ll regularly update this page!

Guillaume Lémery, co-designer of Zombie 15’, has also written about the stages of creating the game, from the first idea inspired by a video game, to the process of fine-tuning the rules. You can now read this detailed and illustrated Making Of, which also presents the different stages of the illustrators’ work.

We know set-up can be frustrating and take longer than you’d like, but here are a couple of tips to speed things up. For those of you who missed the last update, you’ll find there a video where Guillaume shares his tips to make set-up easier. However, we also have two additional tools to share with you! If you have a computer or tablet available, Zombie 15 Map Helper is a little web application developed by Willem d’Haeseleer that tells you where to place each tile from the lowest number and up. Though if you’d prefer a printed aid that’s easy to carry and check wherever you play, here’s a simplified version of the maps created by Carl Huber with huge numbers, arrows, and color-coding to speed things along.

This should provide you with a little bit of reading while waiting for the next update. Soon, we will put a document online that allows you to create your own scenarios that you can send us at (if you previously encountered a problem, it should be fixed now), and also some good news about the final Kickstarter bonuses (notably the solo campaign and the Hero sheets), as well as some surprises to download!

Thank you for supporting Zombie 15’, and keep visiting back for new content!