Alternative soundtrack available!

Our successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year allowed us to order a new soundtrack for Zombie 15′. Thanks to all our backers for making this possible!

We asked Pierre Aldon, a young French composer living in Lyon (like the designers!),  to create something different from the official soundtrack, while keeping in mind that the game requires growing tension as the time is running out.

Pierre is also a regular board game player, so he worked meticulously to bring life (and death, obviously…) to this track. The fruit of his labor brings to mind classic horror movies, combined with a bit of rock music — which Pierre often plays and composes.

We hope you will enjoy the new track. We made a version for the normal mode (with zombie growls every 60 seconds) and another for the harder mode (with growls every 40 seconds). You can download both from the Soundtrack page.