Christophe Fossard, aka Biboun, is a French freelance artist living in Montpellier.
He works mainly on board games, character designs, and concept art for video games and anime.
He designed all the heroes and zombies for Zombie 15′, along with the game’s cover and background images.

Alexey YakovlevAlexey Yakovlev

Alexey Yakovlev is a young Russian artist living in Yekaterinburg.
His previous works include the arsenal and cover artwork for the boardgame Titanium Wars.
He designed all the weapons, equipment, and items for Zombie 15′.

Anthony WolffAnthony Wolff

Anthony Wolff is a French artist/roughman/storyboarder working for video game/publishing & advertisement.
He designed all the terrain tiles for Zombie 15′.

Igor PolouchineIgor Polouchine

Igor Polouchine is a French artist, art director, and game designer (Croak!).
He works for Origames, a game design and graphics studio he co-founded in 2010.
He acted as an art director on Zombie 15′, and designed the icons on the cards and tokens.